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Hi There! LWB 3.2 V6 6VD1W Black

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Hi There! LWB 3.2 V6 6VD1W Black

Postby monza on Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:14 pm

Hello everyone & I can't say how delighted I am to be here.

I did get registered on here a little while ago but I've only just got around to sorting out my profile as my project has stalled a bit due to January weather/Frost/Ice/Snow?Wind/Rain ....blah blah!

My wife bought me this AMAZING LWB Midnight Black Frontera for my birthday last February from Ebay for just £350. Full factory specced out (even heated leather seats and Fly By Wire!). Body in great nick besides a few rust spots as you'd expect. The owner was selling as it had developed a big end "Clonk" ...Bad! He paid £2495-00 for it just 2 years previous (Showed it) and wanted it to go to a good home and someone who could fix it. I'm an ex-mechanic (30 years ago) with a very nice collection of tools/space/time and in need of something to focus on. Perfect!

As at this moment in time I have the bad engine out, everything labelled up as I took it out/removed it, photographed every stage and I've even videoed many things and started my own YouTube channel to provide a full record and others with assistance.

...tonight though (Friday 25th Jan 2019 :drink: ) I'm committed to this and trying to make some sense of what I'm doing and laying out a platform to stand on to shout for some help. I'm not scared of what I need to do but I'm not an expert and somewhere to ask for help is a great thing. ...I'm doing this by myself with nobody to ask for help locally/anywhere and sometimes I struggle due to having Rheumatoid Arthritis ( I can't swing on seized bolts without having to recover for 2 weeks ). I WILL get this puppy going again by myself so a hand on my shoulder should help to bring it about.

I do have a "used" engine I bought last year but I'm far from happy with it. It was bought from a 4x4 "Breaker" with a 3month guarantee but that has looooong since passed. ...I need to get this right so willing to cut my losses and find another one to complete the project. Guidance/advice on where to source cheap/affordable parts would be massively helpful. Do I really have to pay £350 for a clutch kit and replace the flywheel? I have two perfect ones!

Sorry to waffle on. Once again, Hello, thanks in advance and I really look forward to hearing from like-minded nutters like me!

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Re: Hi There! LWB 3.2 V6 6VD1W Black

Postby FronteraBob on Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:02 pm

Hi, I have a complete running 03 V6 that I am willing to break for club members, has a very good engine :thumbup:
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Re: Hi There! LWB 3.2 V6 6VD1W Black

Postby stretch on Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:34 am

Hello and welcome to fog. Lots of great people and advice on here, I'm sure we can help in getting you running again.
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