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South West Airfield Exploration

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South West Airfield Exploration

Postby taylor6632 on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:39 pm

So today whilst out playing about in the trucks, myself and Tim discovered a byway that runs through an abandoned airfield near Bath. As we ran out of time today, we're keen to go back there tomorrow and play seeing as its supposed to be nice! The terrain looks very tame and more of dust tracks (mud if raining) to get about, however, there are some big hills to climb and it looks as if someone has sculpted an area perfect for 4x4's.

So we'll probably be heading out tomorrow morning and taking a bit of lunch. Not your day of serious off roading, more tame, sun, chilled out and good photo op. I know not many people near us really so one or two others might be fun and will keep any convoy situation at bay.

Let us know :D
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Re: South West Airfield Exploration

Postby Wilberforce on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:56 pm

Just bear in mind (and my apologies for sounding like a party-pooper here) that abandoned or not, the airfield is very likely to be private property.
As with byways that cross farmland, etc, the right of way is on the byway only (deviation to bypass a blockage is generally acceptable) and going off track should be assumed to be trespassing unless you know for certain otherwise.

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Re: South West Airfield Exploration

Postby gregster on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:59 pm

Unless you have permission from the landowner, the byway is the ONLY part of this that you are legally allowed to be on...

There is no such thing as abandoned or disused land, it all belongs to someone irrespective if they use it on not, and hence your being on it in your truck without expressed permission would be trespassing and could land you with vehicle confiscation and prosecution from the police.

Old airfields are great places to explore, on foot, and have great atmostpheres,
but without some evidence that use of 4x4 vehicles off the byway on the land there is allowed then we cannot allow this to be organised here on FOG,
as we as a group do not condone any illegal offroading, and hate the w4nkers that think every bit of land adjacent to a byway is a free of charge pay-n-play for them to wreck.
It gets all of us who enjoy laning a bad name, gets our lanes closed, and criminally damages peoples property.

Please do your research mate and contact one of the admin/mods team with any proof you can find that confirms that vehicular usage of this land/tracks is authorised, until then the thread is locked.
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