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The "FOG Express" - What's it all about then ?

Help other members move stuff such as parts around the country at minimal cost

The "FOG Express" - What's it all about then ?

Postby Trugga on Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:48 pm

The FOG Express is a free to members courier service.

If you are soon to be making a journey and don't mind helping out a fellow forum member by transporting something for them, either all or part of the way, post the date and a rough outline of your journey as a new thread.

If you have something you wish to send or collect from another member, post a wanted thread with a from/to location - maybe someone can help you out.

Bear in mind that this is a voluntary service and the driver reserves the right to decline to take on a collection. No guarantees are made or implied. Any arranged collection/delivery is purely the responsibility of the forum members participating, such that the FOG Management Team cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.

This service is free and the delivery driver should not charge for this service (that does not stop them accepting a "drink" as a thank you)

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