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Forum Rules for new members.

Frontera's/Cars etc all adverts will be deleted after 28 days unless they are renewed

Forum Rules for new members.

Postby Drift on Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:45 pm

Forum Rules for new members.

Other "For Sale" Adverts

Most members are free to post For Sale adverts for both Frontera and non-Frontera related items in the relevant section on the forums, however FOG imposes a member minimum count of 50 posts before allowing such adverts. This is to prevent non productive users from signing up for membership purely to sell their items without advertising costs. Any member with less than 50 posts may apply to the Admin Team for permission to post a for sale advert, with the following minimum donation requirement to be met first:
0-25 Posts: 10% of item value, subject to a minimum of £2 and a maximum of £20
25-50 Posts: 5% of item value, subject to a minimum of £1 and a maximum of £10
Long standing members without the required post count may be authorised to post a For Sale advert without cost, however permission must be gained from the Admin or Moderator team first.
Items advertised for sale on FOG should be owned by the member posting the message. In some circumstances, adverts for other peoples items may be accepted, but permissions must be gained from the Moderator or Admin team.
Items advertised for sale on FOG should be actual advertisements for an item or items, and not just link to another website. Any adverts promoting ebay, gumtree, auto-trader or similar advertisements or links will be removed and the poster issued a warning.
All adverts should include a full description, location and price. Adverts with phrases like "Open to offers", "What's it worth" etc may be removed without notice.
All sales should be conducted in public on the forums and not in Private Messages. Any member posting phrases like "PM Sent" will have their posts removed, and may have their Private Messaging functionality removed. Using Private Messages for personal information is allowed.
Once the item(s) has/have been sold, the seller should post a message in the thread to this effect, and request that the thread be locked.

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