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***** review of playday 12th oct******

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***** review of playday 12th oct******

Postby fudge on Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:13 pm

first of all i would like to thank greg for sorting this out..
i have been needing to get back out and had a good day..
and even got kelly to drive the duck :D
and yes it is stuck

spare door anyone
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Re: ***** review of playday 12th oct******

Postby gregster on Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:34 am

A great day, certainly eventful, thanks to every one who came and supported us in this....

Have some pics which I will upload later, but over all a good fun sticky day in the woods.

Our thoughts at this time are with Ben, who suffered serious scalding when his top hose blew off on his fronty, resulting in 2nd degree burns to his neck arm and back. Thanks to everyone who assisted in this situation, and repairing/recovering his car.

This sad incident did make me stop and think though, and I think praise has to go out to everyone who has been involved in the woods project from the outset. We are in our sixth year now down the woods, and thanks to the common sence, consideration and concentration from everyone in this potentially hazardous environment, this is our most serious amoungst very few incidents in this time. Jim broke a tooth years back on one of the first workdays, when a section of tree I was felling decided to defy all the laws of physics and chased him, Pete (the accident prone one!) fell/jumped off the back of a car and hurt his leg, and a later meet ended up sitting the back of his car when his brakes failed on a hill and he came down backwards rather promptly into a earth bank.
The nature of this hobby has great potential for getting hurt, the simply nature of the terrain is such that you cant even stand up in some places, and yet we have played so many times with our 2 tonne machines, but due to your sensibleness this has been largely free of incidents.
In fairness, Bens hose popping off could have happened anywhere, as indeed could have Petes brake failure, and as Ben said yesterday he was kinda glad if was going to happen that it did where it did, amoungst a bunch of friends who could help, sooner than being being on his own somewhere.
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