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Air Ambulance motorcyclist charity event, 15th June 2008

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Air Ambulance motorcyclist charity event, 15th June 2008

Postby scudriderdude on Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:47 pm

Thanks to Steve for letting me post this.

My website, for bikers in the North of England, Northukbikers, is organising a charity event for the air ambulance services of of Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East - it's called, "LONG WAY HOME" and basically we are riding motorcycles / scooters / mopeds, from our regions to Hawes in North Yorkshire / Tanhill / and some may join me in riding to John O'Groats.

The ethos is, that it should be on a motorcycle that is unsuitable for long distances, and if 10 years or younger should be less than 125cc, if older, riders can have above a 125cc bike.

I personally have purchased a Honda SGX50 moped, for the challenge, top speed is around 33mph, so you can imagine how long an almost 1000 mile ride is going to take me, we have other members who are riding 1980's 125's that should really be dead and buried, but are currently being resurrected for the charity event

If you can help in either sponsorship (Per mile or total event) or if you fancy a ride on the event, it would be great to hear from you.

I have registered a domain for this event, there is nothing there as i have only done it tonight, but it will be built, by the weekend, its at http://www.long-way-home.co.uk

I hope that some of you fellow frontera owners will help the air ambulance services, they do a great, and much needed job.

Thanks again


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