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Postby rangaKoo on Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:59 pm

Sorry folks, I shamlessly stole all of this from THIS THREAD

But thought it would go down well all together and made in to a sticky as it's all good advice ;)

Turbochops wrote:My kit:

1) Ordanance Survey Map (Landranger)
2) Recovery Strop 6 metres & D shackles
3) 3 meter tow rope
4) Tool kit, (including can of self inflating tyre weld)
5) Fire Extingusher
6) Petrol Can
7) Warning Triangle (keep in car anyway)
8) 1st aid kit
9) Jump Leads
10) Torch
11) High vis jacket

Food depeding on what im doing, mars bars, f|ask of tea, bottle of coke.

cyb wrote:can I suggest you add with regards to the green laneing

must haves..
a spade,
pair of large strong secateurs for cutting away overgrown hedges etc
waterproof jacket & trousers (I use cheap golfers gear)
a pair of really good boots suitable for sloshing about in the mud

and if you can afford one a hand winch should you not have one fitted.

With regards to the spade if you have an army surplus store near you they often have folding ones for sale really cheap (can do a pic of mine if you don't know what I mean)

Trugga wrote:Things to take with you:
  • A second vehicle (I'm often seen with a Landrover ;-))
  • tow rope (+ shackles)
  • OS 1:50K map (GPS is a bonus)
  • a small selection of tools
That should be a minimum requirement for some easy lanes.

I do take a little more, as I have the space and often explore unknown lanes:
  • winch accessory kit (including gloves)
  • trifor hand winch
  • folding spade and normal spade
  • tow rod
  • torch(es)
  • tarpaulin
  • insect repellent
  • sun protection cream
  • blanket
  • bow saw
  • machete
  • CB, PMR, Mobile phone
  • Gaffa tape
Then there is the vehicle stuff; spare oil, brake/clutch fluid etc and a basic tool kit including electrical wire and connectors.

Then the comfort stuff:
  • f|ask of hot water
  • coffee, sugar and powdered milk
  • camping stove, billie cans, kettle
  • tins of food (all day breakfast) - you can't beat bacon butties at the Wayfarer summit ;-)
  • snacks (chocolate)
  • sandwiches, sausage rolls etc
  • drinking water
And for cold weather laning, a change of clothes and a sleeping bag.

I also take my GLASS membership card and a few GLASS (and FOG) calling cards.

Always in the car is the wheel changing kit, 12v tyre pump, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

Also, always let someone know where you are going and at what time you expect to be back - if you do get stuck or separated, you know someone will come looking for you.

There's probably more stuff in the boot boxes - if I remember it, I'll add it to the above list.

And some other posts:

PMR radios or CB (CB is better)
Mobile phone (and charger if you've got one)

There are a few other things that I cannot think about at the moment, but hey, this is a pretty darned comprehensive list. :D

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the other thread.

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