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Strata Florida changed

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Strata Florida changed

Postby Postfinder on Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:29 am

Took some visiting family over Strata Florida yesterday and couldn't believe how much its changed in just over 18 months since I last travelled across it, both for the better or worse depending how you look at it.
Changes from the new cattle grids to the washed out sections of track where the earth has been completely removed exposing the bedrock, I expect caused by the very wet weather we had last year and the intensity of traffic due to the popularity of this lane.

One thing which hasn't changed though, which I found embarrassing due to having not long before explained about the green lane code of conduct, is the damage where idiots still have to go off piste. this raised comments by my passengers like: "Though you couldn't go off the track ?" and "shame thats been made a mess "or "Some one else has gone up that hill, can we ? from the kids.
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