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Another interesting read (or two)

frontera where it came from how powerfull MPG etc

Another interesting read (or two)

Postby Trugga on Sat Aug 05, 2006 1:08 pm

Can you compete successfully at Le Mans in a diesel Frontera Estate? Bob Maclaren did and claimed outright victory.


It drove around the world and into the record books. We drove it around Luton and pronounced judgement. Andy Blois takes the driving seat in the World Challenge Frontera for a World Off Road exclusive.


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Da Prof!
Da Prof!
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Location: West Midlands (UK)
Model: 2.0i Sport 3dr
Registration Year: 1994/L
Vehicle Name: Little Blue Bug
Modifications: # ARB Winch bumper
# Wireless operated Warn Winch
# Jackable rockslider sills
# Safety Devices roll cage
# Roof level tree bars
# Roof mounted waffle boards
# Underbody protection
# Smaller, higher fuel tank
# Buttock tuck with protectors
# Cobra Aqua4x4 competition seats
# 3-point harnesses
# Terratrip
# GTE digital dash
# Bonnet pins
# AVM manual front hubs
# FIA battery master switch
# Ally Chequerplate footwells
# De-Cat, straight thro' zorst
# 2" Lift, +2" Rough Country shocks
Region: Midlands

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