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M.O.T advisory Spongy break pedal

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M.O.T advisory Spongy break pedal

Postby mochelle on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:26 pm

Had an advisory on the sheet "Spongy Break pedal" anyone else had this or got any advice for me please had a Mechanic lookout it but he claims it feels ok ? The jeep is a Frontera 2.2 petrol SWB also had corrosion on the break lines they have now been changed!
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Re: M.O.T advisory Spongy break pedal

Postby Fronterror on Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:59 pm

I've had this before, bleed the brakes and if it's like the 2.5td there is a 5th bleed nipple around the rear axle which i think bleeds another reservoir but someone can correct me and enlighten me as to what it actually is. Could be the tester was just expecting more from them but it's easy enough to do even if there is no difference after
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Re: M.O.T advisory Spongy break pedal

Postby ghosthunter on Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:03 pm

You have to bleed the load proportion valve first before you bleed the rears and lastly the fronts. The valve is visible above the rear axle on the nearside. It has an arm sticking out and a spring attached to it connecting to the axle. There's a bleed nipple on the valve and you must bleed this first. You may need to bleed the whole lot several times to make sure all the air is out. Bleed everything in the correct order and when done go and do it again.
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Re: M.O.T advisory Spongy break pedal

Postby snapper on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:13 am

What ghosthunter said.

However I would say to get a large bottle of brake fluid (Personally I buy the 5ltr containers) a brake bleeding kit, the right sized ring spanner for the bleed nipples (don't use an adjustable) and considering it is a two handed job unless you really know what your doing and have the right gear to do it single handed get a friend to help.

Not knowing how much of the brake lines were replaced the chances are the fluid has not been changed since the vehicle was new and certainly not during the last 5 years so the fluid in there will probably be contaminated with moisture as well as air in which case I would recommend a full fluid change to include a flush hence getting enough to do the job.

Expect the bleed nipples to be beyond tight and they WILL be at risk of snapping so be very careful when undoing and don't force the issue, clean everything around the bleed nipple twice before opening and then again just to make sure.

Do not re-use the fluid that comes out and please dispose of it correctly via the local re-cycle and not down the sink!

Finally, if the bleed nipples are over tight make sure you can source and replace a calliper easily in case you snap one off. Milners do sell them.

Any doubt, send it to the garage.
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