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Frontera B RS Sport Left Hand Drive -OBD Port

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Frontera B RS Sport Left Hand Drive -OBD Port

Postby xela on Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:55 pm

We are looking for the OBD port on our Fronty...

We have an original Left Hand Drive 2.2Dti - made in 1999...

Have checked under the coin tray next to the ashtray - nothing there. Took the whole centre console out to be sure it wasn't hiding behind anything, no joy.

Also checked in the nearside and offside front footwells, inside the glove box, behind the glove box, around the fuse box located to the side of the steering column, even checked inside the engine bay, but have not found the pesky thing!!!

There must be one here somewhere, surely???

are there any international members who have LHD versions who might be able to help?

Having tried to Google various German, Russian Opel websites etc... I went and had another look. Below the radio was a black bundle of cables which someone had helpfully threaded under the carpet towards the front footwell... Prised it free and lo & behold... the OBD Port!!!!!!! the clip that's supposed to hold it to the back of the coin tray was broken...

All's well that end's well!
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