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Annual Meet Rules

Annual Meet Rules

Postby Alchamist on Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:51 pm

    Frontera Owners Group Annual Meet Rules

  • First and foremost, the annual meet is supposed to be a fun event enjoyed by all. These rules are designed to ensure that everyone has a fantastic weekend, rather than to spoil anyone's enjoyment. Common sense should prevail in most situations, however the Admin's decision is final on all matters.

  • We understand that many people will like to have a drink or two while at the annual meet, however on previous occasions the alcohol has taken over sense and some members have been seen driving while under the influence. While technically this is on private ground, this has caused damage in the past and does not put the group as a whole in a good light. To this end, any member attending the meet that is observed to be driving while under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the event (when legally sober to do so) and will be barred from attending any future annual meetings without any right to appeal. Any member seen driving on the public highways under the influence will be reported to the authorities. While it is a known fact that alcohol affects people in different ways, for the purposes of this rule someone will be deemed as being "under the influence" after one can/bottle or beer, one small glass of wine or one single small spirit. This list is not exhaustive and will be at the discretion of the Admin. Anyone seen driving in an antisocial way without being under the influence will be given one warning. Should they chose to ignore this warning they will be asked to leave the site and may be barred from future annual meets.

  • Again, many people attend the events purely for the social aspect. We are a diverse group of individuals and all have different customs and needs. To ensure that everyone has the best experience at the meeting, we ask that music is turned off and noise kept to a minimum after 11pm at night, to allow those of us that wish or need to sleep can do so.

  • Apart from the BBQ provided within the price of the meeting, there is no communal food. It is your own responsibility to provide sufficient food and methods for cooking it for yourself over the meeting. Please do not expect others to feed you or provide refreshments. If you turn up without your own food, expect to be hungry for the weekend!

  • If you break your truck, then there is a good chance that someone will offer to help fix it. This should not be assumed however, and you should have suitable breakdown/recovery cover to transport you home should you require it. Please do not expect any member or members to spend their entire weekend fixing your vehicle at the expense of their own enjoyment.

  • We, as a group, have a reputation to uphold in regards to the places we visit for our annual meets. The site where the meeting is held should be treated with respect at all times. All site rules are to be observed and obeyed at all times. All buildings, roads, tracks, fences, gates, fixtures and fittings etc should be left as we find them. All rubbish should be collected and removed from the area or bagged for collection if the site allows. Please do not leave your beer cans for someone else to clear away. It would be appreciated if you would help clear the site up of general rubbish at the end of the event.

  • Fire pits/areas, if provided, are for the burning of wood or paper only. At no point should fuel, oil, furniture, car parts etc be put on the fire. Apart from being dangerous to those in the proximity of the fire, this again does not uphold the high reputation of FOG as being a group of responsible off road enthusiasts.
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