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Postby huggy on Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:16 pm

don't believe the hype over the snoopers,i have the truckmate db8500 pro,its a good bit of kit but has two major drawbacks,one is it will cost you £30 every year for the speed camera updates(which are wrong lots of times) then the big problem is it uses navtec mapping like the garmin which sucks big time in the uk,its useless at getting you straight to someones door where as a tomtom gets it right most of the time,it just gets you in the area at bests and sometimes is miles out,its that bad I run my old tomtom by its side just to make sure its taking me the right way,also even when it set to car it still takes you the long way around,cant say ive had any problems with bridges though but then again I would rather read the road signs than trust a satnav,if I was you I would buy an older tomtom go 740 and put the truck firmware and maps on it
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