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Third Time around

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Third Time around

Postby Panzerwomble on Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:03 pm


been lurking here for a long time , never got around to posting much this may continue . Now on Fronty number three .....2009 was a B Series 2.2 SWB......sold it as I needed some cash quickly.....next came a Series A 2.o SWB 2014-2016 " Frontosaurus" complete with small badge as its was slow very hungry and could be eaten at the lights by virtually any other animal ....much loved though , off roaded occasionally , towed bikes for my business and then sold to a friend to buy something less thirsty . Friends wife promptly destroyed it and I've been missing the big old Vauxhalls since. So , third time around , went supersize and hopefully more frugal ... Series A 2.5 TDS Black LWB . Been a bit abused by various wannabes , I'll get some pics up of my take on it as I go along .

Having been a Land Rover owner for most of the 00's , I feel the Frontera is much overlooked by the green oval brigade . They are cheaper , often more reliable , as easy to fix generally and just as capable off road for most people .
Cheers all

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Re: Third Time around

Postby Ricko on Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:07 pm

I know where you're coming from re Landys, I've had s3 in the past and the price of them has gone daft.
Always liked the Fronty years ago, but I bought something more expensive,.....a divorce!
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Apprentice Frontera engineer
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