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noisy engine - oil light stays on

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noisy engine - oil light stays on

Postby Peter Marshall on Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:08 pm

Im new new to forum
Had our Frontera since January.
2.2 PETROL 16V

Bought solely for towing our 2 birth caravan
Took it out easter weekend. did alright but not great. bit low on power.

Since towing the oil light is permantly on despite plenty of oil in the engine.
Topped up with 10/40, but oil light stays on.

Rattle from engine which I hadnt noticed before either

136000 miles on clock

The guy I bought it from a trusted friend will look at it Wednesday, but just wondering if any of you guys have had a similar problem??

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Re: noisy engine - oil light stays on

Postby vauxsqueeks on Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:12 pm

When you say noisy.. Can you be more specific?

Or best option can you upload a video of it running? ( create a YouTube account or use gmail if you have one. ) then upload from your phone to this account and use the YouTube box above ( insert the code, not the full url)

Does it sound like this?

Can you hear the knocking over the revs?

It could also be piston slap, just annoying and not really detrimental.. But would come from more the top of the engine rather than the bottom.

If it's the bottom, like the video then a full rebuild is required before it explodes.. And it will if this is your issue.

Maybe oil pump is not working well and starved the engine of oil pressure. If you have this knocking now then rebuild / walk away..

Has it had a head gasket replaced in the past? - if the oil pump was not replaced when this was done then this appears to be a common failure ( providing it was never replaced before ) and I suspect it will not have been. Either way with the oil pressure indicator on this would be worth replacing ( pressure switch ) just to confirm correct operation. If the oil pressure light is on then fairly certain that the oil pump is not efficient enough and may have starved the engine of oil. Or oil pickup blocked..

If this is the case then only an engine rebuild will fix + oil pump!

But before I scare you - can you check the video or upload one?
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Re: noisy engine - oil light stays on

Postby snapper on Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:40 am

Peter Marshall wrote: just wondering if any of you guys have had a similar problem??


Aye, but not a Petrol 2.2. It was (still is, sort of...) a 2.8 with a 3.1 lump in it. It all started with a slight increase in mechanical noise while driving home, oil/water pressures were all showing okay and the oil light wasn't on. I even pulled into a garage to check it and every thing looked okay. I carried on and about 10 miles later the noise increased at the same time as the oil pressure dropped through the floor and the oil light came on. Managed to get the vehicle off the road and to a safe place before turning it off and calling the RAC. Further investigation while waiting for recovery showed the engine oil was no longer in the engine and was now coating the chassis and underbody.... It will still run and did drive on and off the recovery under it's own steam but it makes a right racket while doing it. Fully expecting the engine to have had it when I get round to sorting it. Mean time running round in the 'spare'

I would give it a really good check over before things start getting expensive
This posting may have been helpfull, on the other hand probably not... Either way, I may have had drink when posting it in which case it's probably not as helpfull as it could have been

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