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Frontera B power sounder batteries

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Frontera B power sounder batteries

Postby Sir-Doris on Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:06 am

2 pairs of power sounder batteries for a Bit series frontera.

2 X 4 pin versions which are a direct replacement for the original batteries.

2 x 3 pin versions which require a wire soldering across one of the negative terminals.

3 are reading 3.7v and one (4 leg) is showing 1.8v. whether this means it is faulty or not I don't know. It may just need charging (will happen once fitted). I don't have the facility to charge them on the bench.

So, the pair of 3 leg batteries are £10 including postage.
The pair of 4 leg batteries are £5 including postage as I cannot guarantee that the one battery is ok.
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